Meet Our Team

josh drake

Joshua “Legend” Drake

Legend refers more to his consumption of Ethanol and not his use of it with the race pedal. However, Josh has owned and driven some of the fastest cars to grace the east coast.

kristin drake

Kristin “Kris Krat” Drake

Kristin spends most of her time in the car DJing for her adoring fans. She put “Kris Krat” on her vanity plate so everyone would know who just passed them. Kris Krat caught “Legends” eye at red light, he swears it’s the first time he gave two things away at one time, the ensuing race, and his heart.

ben vanhook

Benjamin “Do Work” Vanhook

Do work has nothing to do with racing but still made for a huge fan base. However, his “No Limit” attitude has allowed for some of the fastest speeds achieved in a brick.

Shana “Kitty” Prevette

L Kitty is known around the circuit for being fast and aggressive. Making her a critical component to the VanDrake Racing Team. She somehow slowed “Do Work” down to the point we call him “Use to Work”.

kitt hawk

Kitt “DJ’ Hock

Kitt has been racing since he could walk, you name and he has driven it. In fact these days he finds walking and staying upright way more of a challenge than navigating the UFO that abducts him for driving lessons twice a week.

Josh “Reno” Brown

His name comes more from the cop series and need to call 911 when he is behind the wheel. Brown can drive anything with wheels but doesn’t guarantee its return.

Jacqueline Brown

Jacqueline Brown

On the team for moral support and to set limits for Reno. 1 out of 2 isn’t bad.

ben koszczepki

Ben “Big” Koszczepki

Where did he get the nick name “Big” from? That’s for him to know and you to find out. I’m betting on the fact he is 6’5”.

landen koszczepki

Landen “The Kid” Koszczepki

Landen is the only member of the team that still has a fighting chance to lead a normal life. He loves racing more than anyone on the team and winning is life.

ben mckay

Ben “Rampage” Mckay

Rampage doesn’t know what “Slow Down” means. This is why he is a critical part of the team. When its five in the morning and you have to get this project done. You Rampage.

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